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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 14, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PST

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you should go ahead and get it. but i like young, healthy ones. again, the right answer is to go ahead. but cdc said -- >> okay. that's it for us. thanks for watching. senate showdown. fireworks on capitol hill during a rare saturday night session. the senate has struck a deal to avoid a government shutdown. every senator in this body should be put on record whether he or she believes it is constitutional for a president to disregard, to ignore, federal immigration laws. senator mike lee was in the middle of that last night. he joins us live in a few minutes. in washington dwiivide over the senate report over the cia and interrogation techniques. some claim they were lied to. others are incensed. >> i am just slohocked that the
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united states of america would betray its liaison counterparts who actually stepped up to the plate to help us after 9/11. >> you'll hear from a four-scar general jack keane about the blowback for troops. what the steep drop in oil prices mean for our economy. fighting for his faith. an army chaplain punished for sharing his faith at a suicide prevention class. i'm shannon bream. america's news headquarters starts right now. the yeas are 56. nays are 40. the 1. $.1 trillion spending bill is now headed to the president's desk but the fight is not over.
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some agencies are only funded through february setting up congress for another showdown in 2015. >> circle february 27th on your calendar which is when the first real showdown between president obama and the republican congress should take place. they'll seek to cut funding for the president's action on immigration. some lawmakers are questioning why conservative senators ted cruz and mike lee tried to fight now with democrats still running the senate. >> i don't think they accomplished anything except perhaps that harry reid was able to get nominations, appointments through the senate that he otherwise probably wouldn't have. but i respect their right to exercise their responsibilities and their rights as senators. >> reporter: ted cruz says reid would have done nominations before christmas, for sure.
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>> look, one thing to keep in mind -- he was going to force these nominations through either today or monday or tuesday. he was going to do it one way or the other because that has been his tenure in power has been an abuse of power and it was wrong. >> reporter: the vote for the funding ining extension. cruz claimed the bill was unconstitutional because it provides money for homeland security which could allow president obama to implement his action. >> is the junior senator from texas raises a point of order attacking the pending legislation on the grounds that the president has acted unconstitutionally. the junior senator from texas is wrong, wrong, wrong on several counts. >> after a long saturday session, the senate is off today. they'll be back working tomorrow on funding the final bills and
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nominations. >> all right, thank you so much. utah senator mike lee who joined with senator ted cruz this weekend to force a vote on the president's executive action on immigration joins us now on his one day off that you got. senator, t coming in. let's talk about this. there's been criticism from the left and the right about what you all were doing and what you were trying to accomplish. >> the american people feel strongly that ours is not a government of one. the president of the united states does not have the authority under the constitution or our laws to grant executive amnesty. we wanted a vote on that and yesterday we were successful in getting the vote. >> i want to play a little bit of what democratic senator chuck schumer said as he watched this play out. >> there are huge differences in the republican party. on the floor of the senate, we saw the soul of the republican party being debate. ted cruz was in the well pushing his so-called constitutional point of order which risks
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sluting down the government. five feet away from him was mitch mcconnell imploring sfloerts to vote the other way and the vote, unfortunately, was about 50-50 on the republican side. >> so let's talk about that split there. leadership indicating they're not happy about how this played out, meaning gop leadership. where does that stand? where does the relationship stand? what point were you trying to make? did it help or hurt? >> first of all we had a majority of the voting republican senators supporting it. i understand not every republican agreed with it. we all have our own approaches that we like to take in response to what the president did. but i don't see that as a problem. it certainly wasn't a reason not to pursue this. but i think the american people deserve to have us take a vote to signal how we feel about that. i hope that this will be one of many votes moving forward in which we'll have more of an opportunity to signal our disapproval of what the president did. >> let's talk about the fact that democrats, some of them, are claiming that you actually helped them by doing it because
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it helped get through some nominations. others say those nominations were going to go through anyway. what's your take and response to that criticism? >> i agree with the latter point which is anyone who got through as a result of this would have gotten through anyway. you have the outgoing majority leader of the senate, harry reid. it would have been political malpractice for him to not get through his controversial nominees and we would have gotten through those. in fact, i don't want to bore the audience with senate procedure but the cloture on those nominations wouldn't have been able to ripen anyway. >> how do you respond to the public criticism from your own side? senator corker calling this irresponsible. senator kay yacht quoto -- ayot is ridiculous. >> i think it was referring to the fact we came in saturday to take votes. i think it would have been ridiculous for us to break for the weekend. there was a proposal friday night to which i objected that the senate should take a 72-hour
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recess in the middle of all of this. there was a 72-hour period where they wanted to leave with a trillion dollar spending bill on the table. i thought it was not unreasonable to say we need do our jobs. >> let's talk about the overall spending bill. we have a number of appropriations bills that fund through september of next year but the one that's a continuing resolution or shorter term funding measure for the department of homeland security only goes through february. what is that all about and what do you see in the coming fight once congress comes back, now house is controlled by republicans? >> yes. with that happening with the funding for the department of homeland security expiring in february, we'll have another opportunity to cover this issue of executive amnesty and to withhold funds from the president's ability to carry out his executive amnesty program. i look forward to that vote and the opportunity to stop the president from doing this. >> did you find it interesting to be allied, though for very different reasons, with folks like elizabeth warren, democratic senator from massachusetts, in trying to stop
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this package as it was put together. >> what we wanted was to get votes. elizabeth warren wanted votes. we wanted votes. it is an indication of what's been wrong with the senate and how that transcends political parties. we haven't had the opportunity to vote on proposed changes to bills. we've gotten them at the very last minute saying, hey, take it or leave it. we are eabout about to jump ove cli cliff here. it cuts across the ideological divide and is one of the things that unites us as senators. one of the things i think you'll see as a difference going into the new year with a shift in the majority is that senators both political parties will have more opportunities to offer amendments and get votes on those amendments. >> senator lee after a busy weekend, we thank you for stopping in and merry christmas. four senators decide not to work during saturday's session. they all missed saturday's vote
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which include avoiding a shutdown. senator coburn is battling cancer and will be retiring at the end of the year. senator chambliss is also retiring. the debate will now turn to immigration. funding for the department of homeland security which handles immigration issues at the federal level is only funded through february. joining me now, texas congressman democrat henry cuellar. thank you for being with us today. i want to start by asking you, you were a no vote over in the congress where it wasn't certain at all and was very tight if it was going to pass. why were you a no vote on this bigger package? >> actually, i was a yes vote on this. as an appropriator with be voood yes because i wanted to make sure we had the funding of the
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federal government. i think policy issues should be taken on separately. but as you know, right now the end of the year the only train that's moving is the appropriation bill or om anybni appropriations bill. >> it does say here that you voted "yes" on the bill. you mentioned your background as an appropriator. a lot of people are concerned that we come to this point, and as senator lee said, there are so many of these votes right at cliff. you have to make a decision, the government is going to shut down, somebody is going to be blamed. why are we legislating that way and as a democrat how do you think things will work in the new year inby a congress that's controlled by republicans in both houses? >> at this last minute the only training moving the appropriation bill they add all this extra luggage, they think it is wrong. we start the appropriation at the beginning of the year. we start it again this year and we work on it the whole year.
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we're supposed to do it before september 30th but of course the last year it has not been done. we're hoping we can address this tissue faster. what happens is, i think the senator is right when you heard him say that at the end you're giving this package and it's either an up or down. there are some things there i saw that could vote no. there were some things there i could vote yes but the overarching goal that i see as an appropriator is to make sure that we fund our schools, our transportation, our military, our homeland security, even though homeland was only extended to february 27th this coming year. >> i want to ask you about immigration specifically because you were very vocal over the summer, the surge of the southern border. obviously as somebody who represents a border state, you have greater floj and conce eer concern about what's going to happen. you were critical of the way the administration handled it as it
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played out. you warned that we need to be watching for another surge. of course we still have immigration legislatively not handled. there is some executive action. what are your concerns going into the new year on that topic? >> historically we've seen that as the weather gets warmer again -- because it got cold -- then you're going to see a surge coming in. i don't flow if it will have the same type of surge because the big focus that we put this last year and of course working with central american countries in the republic of mexico. but historically numbers are going to pick up at the beginning of the year. i don't think they will be the same. but even know if you ask homeland security, there are still thousands of unaccompanied kids are still crossing. they are not the high numbers, but every month there is thousands of them coming across the river from the area -- mainly from the area that i represent in south texas. >> congressman henry cuellar,
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we'd love to stay in touch with you as immigration and that debate revivz on the hill early next year. in the meantime, happy holidays to you, sir. >> happy holidays, merry christmas and a happy new year to you and your family and your staff. >> thank you. you as well. we want to know what you think at home. i asked you on twitter -- should lawmakers stick to their guns and leave the government unfunded? is that a real option for them? or should they compromise to get some kind of deal in place? we want to know what you think. they just investigated me concerning my illegal entry into this nation, as well as motive and basically all the information i had to pass along. it's been a very awesome experience. >> north korea televised this 16-page scripted apology from a 29-year-old u.s. citizen, arturo pierre martinez. in a statement he said he had
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illegally crossed into north korea from klein. state department says it is aware of this situation. martinez' mother says her son is bipolar and had tried to enter north korea illegally once before but was sent back to the u.s. and put into a mental hospital. it is not clear how he got back flu that area. north korea recently released two americans who entered the country on tourist visas. an army chip lynn aplain is arrested. >> this belittle soldiers may feel faith helps them during difficult times. fallout from the senate cia report on enhanced interrogation. >> this report throws the cia under the bus. my concern is that it subjects them to threats from isis which i think we've already begun to
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see. >> we'll talk to retired four-star general kechltane abo how the report may be adding threats to our men and women in combat. millions of americans clean up after very wild weather out west. >> when the front window blew out, i know we had a complete flow of mud and water going through the house. completely. i'd rather do anything else than sit at a dealership.
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an american citizen on his cell phone making a last call to his four young daughters shortly before he burns to death in the upper levels of the trade center in new york city on 9/11. there's this notion that somehow there's moral equivalence between what the terrorists did and what we do and absolutely not true. we were very careful to stop short of torture. >> that was former vice president dick cheney today slamming that controversial senate report released last week detailing the cia's enhanced interrogation program. one of the heavy hitters coming out today to react to that report, jennifer griffin is live from washington with more. >> reporter: the most surprising revolution today was how some of the biggest critics of the cia
10:20 am
interrogation program on capitol hill were those who were briefed the earliest about the methods being used. >> i remember very clearly briefing nancy pelosi. september of 2002. she never objected to the techniques at all. the only one that ever objected to any of this, and it was more of a caution, was jane harman, in 2003 when she says, be careful because the perception will be in the future that we -- you did this to hide something. >> jose rodriguez, the architect of the cia's enhanced interrogation program says some in congress, including senator james rockefeller, who launched the cia probe, asked if they were doing all they could. >> was the leadership of the committee, so-called gang of eight, were briefed. these people are on the record as having had at the time encouraged the cia to take every
10:21 am
stop possible. >> the cia is now concerned foreign countries who cooperated with the u.s. detention program will not cooperate with the cia in the future. senator john mccain is one of the few republicans to describe the cia actions as torture. >> there were violations of the geneva conventions for the treatment of prisoners. there were violations of the convention against torture. some of these practices fly in the face of everything that america values and stands for. >> some say the chilling effect that this public airing of agency business will be similar to the church committee hearings of the 1970s. the common criticism of the cia from lawmakers and the public at the time of 9/11 was that the agency had become too risk-averse as a result of those hearings. >> jennifer griffin, thank you very much. for our troops overseas, the report could be, some say, a matter of life and death. let's talk with fox news
10:22 am
military analyst general jack keane joining us live, thanks for coming in. always nice to see you. there are so many different viewpoints on this but there are a lot of questions about, why now, and what the potential risk is. we know that security threats have been elevated around the world with regard to our embassies and troops so what is the upside of releasing there. >> first, i don't think it should have been a public certainly appropriate for a senate to conduct an investigation of a covert program that they oversee. the cia's own ig conducted an investigation. the department of of justice did. both of those reports stayed classified. this report should have stayed classified. mistakes should stay classified. now we have a public release and it is what it is. i think anything that benefits the enemy at a time of war hurts our troops and hurts our officials. that's what you have to look at this. this undermines our credibility.
10:23 am
it will actually impact on al qaeda and isis. the ability to recruit, to fund, to conduct propaganda campaigns, it will assist them in motivating and inspiring others, to include americans in the united states that have anti--american views. that's all beneficial to isis. therefore, that's harmful to our troops, our governmenting with agencies that are deployed overseas. >> although isis has not been in the headlines as much in the last couple of weeks, though they continue their murderous rampage, americans are still concerned. we have a poll here asking do you think isis is going to try to launch an attack on u.s. soil soon. 81% of those polled said they think that is likely. we are talking about on u.s. soil. so how would this report you mentioned embolden them or help them in recruiting? >> i think here it helps to motivate somebody to take action in the united states who may be in residence now, or who's
10:24 am
returning from the fight over there. so it's only speculation but we got to use a little bit of common sense and say this is going to help them. therefore, we should not have released this report publicly. it is appropriate to conduct the investigation, as i said, but it is not right for it to be out there the way that it is. >> now that it is out there, what do you make from some suggestions from the u.n. that there could be prosecution with some of the people involved? of russia criticizing us on our human rights violations in their terminology when they're alleged to have shot down a plane full of civilians not that long ago. we've got afghanistan, leaders there saying they are very concerned, shocked by these reports. it seems that gives the world a lot of ammunition against us. >> well, it does. as it has in the past. we've had presidents in the past making very tough calls in terms of intentionally killing civilians. lincoln during the war in the south. roosevelt with the germans,
10:25 am
350,000 killed. truman, almost 500,000 civilians killed in war against japan. when you take those and isolate them out, you can actually accuse them of war crimes. but the fact is, the decisions they made -- and i think the decision that president bush was making here -- is that national secure at times takes precedent over our values. now what people want to do is take this incident, separate it from the decision making that was going on which was protecting american people, isolate it, and accuse us of a war crime. >> it's interesting. you talk to people on the street, people who aren't in our busy or analyzing these kinds of things and they feel that most of them that i talk to feel very much that they understand people have to do things to protect them and it may not always be palatable. they don't know where it crosses the line but we'll see because there's plenty of criticism out there now that the report is out. general, always good to see you. thanks for coming in. falling oil prices keeps money in your wallet. but is it hurting your 401(k)?
10:26 am
economist ben stein joins us live. we'll dive into these numbers and get some explanations. plus -- that devastation left behind by wicked weather is wreaking havoc for millions of americans. we'll keep you updated on that next. and the politics behind the price tag. we are going to have a fair and balanced, maybe feisty debate, on the senate budget showdown. if you believe president obama's amnesty is unconstitutional, vote yes. if you believe president obama's amnesty is consistent with the constitution, then vote no. why do i cook? because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. for every way you make chicken noodle soup, make it delicious with swanson®.
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by torrential rains, mudslides and even a relatively rare tmpbd. the national weather service now forecasting more rain for california this week. will carr is covering it live for us in los angeles. >> that storm system is set to hit monday or tuesday. it should help out with the drought though and should not create as much damage as we saw from this last round of storms where we actually saw a small tornado, an ef-0, set down in south los angeles. some residents thought this was an earthquake because tornadoes are so rare in california. in fact the entire state only averages six a year. compare that to oklahoma which averages more than 50. at the same time a number of homeowners are still recovering from dangerous mudslides across the region, areas hit by recent wildfires that don't have any vegetation to stop the flow of water. in some neighborhoods, mud piled up ten feet high, almost all the way up to rooftops.
10:32 am
>> i ran to my daughter's room, i said get up right now. by the time her feet hit the floor, the mud was starting to come into her room, it was coming under the front door, it was coming through the garage so it was already coming into the house. >> reporter: one homeowners says that digging through mud is like digging through concrete. elsewhere, heavy rainfall caused severe flooding. two people died as a result of the powerful storm in oregon. fierce winds also knocked out power for tens of thousands of people along the west coast. this was the second big storm that california's had in the last two weeks. both have accounted for most of the rainfall southern california has seen since july. that's about four inches. but experts say this area needs about 75 inches to get out of this drought. that means that we have to have consistent rainfall all through the winter. >> all right, will. thank you very much. back to our top story today. the senate passing a $1.1 trillion spending bill in a rare weekend session headed to the president now. the department of homeland security only funded though through february. that's going to set up
10:33 am
immigration as another big fight for congress when they're back next year. joining us now to talk about the politics behind the passage, richard goodstein, democratic political consultant and former advisor to hillary clinton for president. cal thomas, syndicated and "usa today" columnist and fox news contributor. so there was a lot of arm twisting all over the place. richard, start with you. there were democrats who came out on the house side pubb blbl pushing back against the president. without put out its statement we want to see this thing passed, we support it. what dynamic did that set up? >> this was a 1, 00-page bill that was basically put out there that virtually nobody read where amendments were put on in the dead of night. >> let's be honest. there is no way anybody read it. >> this was the kind of thing that only democrats used to be accused of doing. so let's be clear, this is kind of a bipartisan trend. not a good one. look, the fact of the matter is, the white house knew that if
10:34 am
this thing got kicked -- in other words, if they didn't agree to this, it wouldn't have basically stripped out all the things they objected to. th they'd get it put in next year when the republicans control the house and senate. other things would be at risk. this was not the push-pull you idealing could say i'll strip out all the things i object to and then i'll get my way. it could have been much worse had this not gotten the approval of the house. >> it then got over to the senate. we don't think of elizabeth warren and ted cruz going off for coffee but they were both opposed for a lot of different reasons. at a lot of no votes before getting to the final yes. >> the entire system is broken. it almost doesn't matter which party is in control anymore. you have democrats against democrats, republicans against republicans. then democrats and republicans against each other. real people don't function like this. i just got back from indiana.
10:35 am
i had a half a day meeting with governor mike pence, the republican governor there. he's doing incredible things. 51,000 new jobs, new people in the labor force. corporate and individual tax cuts. school choice. the biggest voucher program in the country. things are happening in the states. they're not happening here. they can't make the government function because it's become dysfunctional and it is not going to change unless we have a top-to-bottom audit of the federal government just like businesses do. he get rid of the stuff that isn't working, keep the stuff that is working. as reagan used to say, only proof of eternal life in washington is a government program. >> i think it would make people across the spectrum happy. it is a great idea. we talked about how much there's so much dysfunction here in washington. the president said that was one of the reasons he needed to take action on immigration. recent poll though on president obama bypassing congress to make policy changes, not including lawmakers, 38% said they approve. 60% said they disapprove,
10:36 am
richard. so is he going to -- did he pay the price in the mid-terms, is he going to pay the price now that post mid-term he's done this immigration action? >> there are other polls taken exactly the same time that show by 2-1 or more that the public does not want to throw undocumented immigrants out of the country -- >> different question though. >> i understand. that they don't think suing over this is wise. they think congress should in fact do something. look, the fact of the matter is i think what this does is set up a ferocious problem for the republicans in the presidential nomination process. and we saw what ted cruz did by gumming up the senate. a lot of democratic nominees got through. we should send thank-you notes. >> they would have anyway. maybe they got there a couple days earlier. >> deportation is going to seem like a tame phrase after this republican nomination process is over because there is going to be this urge to appeal to the base. that poll kind of shows where the base is. look, i think the president
10:37 am
is -- the courts will determine whether it is constitutional or not. my guess is at the end of the day -- look, let's not kid ourselves. executive orders are something he's -- even with grover cleveland, half of what reagan did. >> but quantity and quality. final word. >> the poll that resonates the most is to secure the border first. virtually everybody agrees with that. than didn't happen after the '86 amnesty under reagan. it is not happening now. people want the border secured. nobody wants 11 million people deported. we can fix that problem after we secure the border. it's like a hemorrhage. you got to stop the bleeding before you can treat the rest of the body. >> we get medical and political analysis from you two. good to see you both, merry christmas, happy holidays. still ahead, an army chaplain being punished for sharing his faith? we'll talk about that. and are cheaper gas prices something to get excited about or to be worried about? we'll talk live with ben stein. d
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the lowest prices at the pump since 2009 and they are still falling. right now the average sits at $2.55 a gallon. a 20% drop since last year. but the dow had its worst week this week since 2011. gracing us with his presence, economist ben stein, to dive into the numbers and share some knowledge with us. >> honored to be here. >> everybody thinks, great, it is less for me to fill up but others are worried about how far these oil prices are dropping. >> the oil companies are very worried about it. shareholders are worried about it. people who invested money in drilling and fracking and refining are bothered about it. people who have loaned to these people are worried about it.
10:43 am
it is not clear where the bottom is. there is always a bottom. but the bottom can be pretty low. we are flooding the market with fracced oil. the saudis are producing pretty much at a quite high level. the world is just awash in -- funny thing, couple years ago we thought we were running out of oil. >> right. there was talk of tapping into the strategic reserve which is for like armageddon times. >> people cannot predict commodities prices. we don't know how fire it is going to go, whether it will turn. i will tell you a clue -- when people say there's no bottom, that's usually when the bottom is. >> we're almost there. how does it work together with the market? the dow is not very happy this week. >> the dow is up 30% in the last two years. that is an incredible unbelievable gain. the dow lass been fabulously good considering the various problems the world has, slowdown in europe, prospects of a
10:44 am
slowdown in china. the dow has done great. the stock market has been your friend. look, there are 30 stocks in the dow. only two are overwhelmingly devoted to the energy business. it is not going to tear down the stock market. we have varying level of oil production. during reagan time, stock market did great. but it will turn around. >> a lot of people say they don't get the disconnect. the average person -- we're not as smart as you and we don't understand -- >> you're smarter than i am. >> people say i can't find a good job or i can't -- mu kids have all moved back in with me an everything else. why is the mark so good? is it artificially inflated? are there different economic indicators? >> because corporate profits are great. as to the kids who have moved back in with their parents, that's to me, nonsense. there are plenty of good jobs out there. people are ready to work hard and do a good job, show up on time, clean-shave or without
10:45 am
tattoos are going to get jobs and they'll be able to -- >> nobody under 30 doesn't have tattoos. >> oh, yes. some do. some do. some do. >> do you have any? >> of course now. but george schultz, former secretary of the treasury has a tattoo. >> what is it. >> a tiger. because he went to princeton. there are plenty of jobs out there. for people willing to work, learn a skill, save, be disciplined, the economy is fine. >> what about holiday spending? >> we don't know whether we'll break down. that's a very short-term phenomenon. so far we count online and brick and mortar it's been quite good. brick and mortar alone, not so great. but it doesn't matter that much. that's only a very smart part of the total economy. it is good for a couple of days headlines, a couple of days talk on talk television and talk radio but it doesn't really much about the economy. the economy is basically in very
10:46 am
strong shape. we have goosed it, bumped it up with lots and lots of deficit spending. some day we'll have to deal with the deficit. some day we'll have to deal with real interest rates but for now it is no good shape. the rest of the world is not in such good shape. >> when you see my husband this week you tell him i need to shop and it is all for the good. >> i would say, for a woman as beautiful as you, an 11-carat diamond is a minimum. >> 11! wow. >> minimum. minimum. >> i'll leave that conversation to you two. ben, always good to see you. we know you love you here. come back soon. happy holidays. >> thank you. merry christmas. still ahead, a chaplain's attempt to do the right thing gets him in a whole lot of water. we'll have that story next. cute toddler alert. britain's future king steals hearts. later on, paying tribute to
10:47 am
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and children came to arlington national cemetery over the weekend to personally lay wreaths on thousands of headstones. it's an amazing event. the annual wreaths across america is a service project to honor the sacrifice of men and women in our military. >> some of these tombs has never had a visitor to so to me that's aren't important thing. >> wreaths were also laid at president kennedy's headstone. in a way that is encouraging to others of whether they have fate or no faith. >> congressman doug collins there georgia, very fired up. he's a military chaplain himself. that was on the house floor earlier this week. religious groups are outraged that an army chaplain in georgia was reportedly punished for sharing his faith during a suicide prevention class. fox news and commentary host todd has been following the story. my understanding was he was sort of sharing his own personal
10:52 am
story about overcoming dpreegs and working through that and there were some religious components to that. >> you're exactly right. the chaplain joe lawhorn out of ft. benning, georgia, and he was leading this mandatory suicide prevention workshop. he shared a lot of nonreligious materials, resources, the rangers might be able to use should they be suffering from depression. then he talked about his own personal experiences, piz own bouts with depression. he's also a former ranger so he really knows where these guys are coming from. he wanted to connect with them on a very personal level. as a result of sharing his personal experiences and how his relationship with god carried him through those bouts of depression someone explained to an atheist organization. as a result of that complaint, he was summoned back to the base on thanksgiving day where he was
10:53 am
given this letter of concern, reprimand, for basically proselytizing. that's what the army is accusing this chaplain of doing. >> some materials did have biblical references or maybe verses or guidance on them. some of the other materials he handed out were straightforward didn't have that. do you imagine he's going to be put in a place where he's not going to be able to, as a military chaplain, in certain settings, be able to talk about god, the bible, his own personal experiences? what will be the end result here and how much trouble is a letter of concern to his record? >> well, in the long run this is not going to be a major blemish on the chaplain's record. however, i think it sends a troubling record to other chaplains throughout the military. we've heard instances of chaplains who were told they cannot pray in the nachl jesus. i wrote about two chaplains in san diego who were kicked out of a program because they refused
10:54 am
to stop using the bible as a reference in counseling. it's interesting when you sit back and look at what the military is trying to tell this chaplain at ft. benning, you may have a soldier about to commit suicide, can you do whatever you can to walk this guy back from the ledge but you can't use the bible. you can't use anything dealing with religion. now, he understand, shannon, that the chaplain has retained legal counsel, liberty institute. they have a long history of handling these religious liberty cases. they're involved now up. played that video a few moments ago of congressman collins. he has personal written a letter to ft. benning demanding to know what's going on with this chaplain. >> we know you'll keep us updated on this story. you follow many other similar stories. folks can find you online at you're prolific on facebook as well. you have a lot of fans out there. thank you for taking out time today. please keep us updated. >> by george, we have christmas
10:55 am
pictures from the royal photo album. and santa claus is coming to town, but he'll be dressed a little differently. why some say st. nick is ditching his red suit this year.
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home. we've been asking should lawmakers stick to their guns. lots of you weighed in. jill writes, they don't have any guns to stick to. only a handful of strong leaders have a backbone. mike says, compromise should always be the first choice. get ready to say, awww. prince william and kate releasing christmas photos of their son, prince george. the chubby-cheeked toddler now 17 months old. he'll soon be a big brother. kate middleton is expecting a second child in april. these kids in houston are having a blue christmas. santa swapped his trademark red suit for a blue one. they teamed up with the houston police to take out some underprivileged kids to go christmas shopping and they used $100 target gift cards. looks like fun. that is-t here for us in washington. "fox news sunday" is up next. thanks for joining us on fox
11:00 am
news where more news is always on the way. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ ♪ with the kids jingle belling i'm chris wallace. a democratic senate panel condemns the cia's interrogation of terror suspects after 9/11. but was it for totorture? and were those tactics effective? >> this program was morally, legally and administratively misguided. >> we did exactly what needed to be done in order to prevent a further attack. >> today debate between former intelligence committee member who helped put together the report, sheldon white house, and former to be


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